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The Staff
Meet the incredible staff at Brooke's Candy Co.-a wonderful group of ladies dedicated to providing customers with the best products and customer service. 


Brooke Schmidt  President /Owner


danav-staff.jpgDana Vicars
V. President/Owner


danab-staff.jpgDana Brown
Compliance Specialist

How It All Began
Brooke’s Candy Co. was being formed long before Brooke knew it. As a teenager she made mints for her sister Dana’s wedding shower, only to get an order from a neighbor for more. Brooke also sold out of her Peanut Butter Buckeyes at a local festival when she was 14.

She grew up, graduated, moved to Northern Illinois, joined the work force, and found her husband Doug. She always remembered her dream to own a candy shop one day.

In 2002, Brooke and her husband moved back to the area where she grew up. Brooke and her mother Donna and sister Dana made her dream come true by starting Brooke’s Candy Co. in 2004. After many hours of research and trying many different chocolates, Brooke, Donna and Dana decided on a Belgian chocolate they knew would make their recipes irresistible. After finalizing recipes for their old-fashioned Almond Toffee, Fudge, Pecan Turtles, Mints and other goodies, they were ready to go. 


People ask them why Dana? To them the answer is simple, they knew Dana was in trouble after loosing many buildings in the last 7 years like the grocery store, flower shop, auction house and more to fires and just being old and falling down. They wanted to bring something positive back to the community.

They started a retail shop set inside the 1900’s Plantation style home that Brooke grew up in. Brooke’s mother Donna and father Kent worked many years restoring the old home to it’s original look and was the home of Brooke’s Candy Co. for 7 years until closing

They have grown to a more wholesale business and closed the retail store in Dana.  They now have a candy factory next to the old retail store in Dana.

You can pick our products at Beaslers Market and Clabber Girl Bake Shop in Terrehaute.

Brooke’s Candy Co. Fudge can now also be found at the French Lick Resort Hoosier Sugar Shop in Indiana. Their Indiana Artisan Almond Toffee was featured in the Midwest living Magazine under the discoveries section in 2010, featured in an Illinois magazine, been seen and still being shown on Heartland Highways an Illinois channel that has been picked up by other PBS Channels, Direct TV and Dish shown Internationally. Added to Grammy Bags for the Stars. They have had people all the way from California tell them they have seen Brooke’s candy Co. on TV and had to stop in and say hi while on vacation.

While in town don’t forget to visit the Ernie Pyle Museum two blocks south of Brooke’s Candy Co.