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Brooke's Candy and Brooke's Naturals are wholesale companies for the Gluten Free food market.
Brooke's Companies are family owned and operated by two sisters, dedicated to producing fine artisan confections using only all-natural gluten free ingredients 
Our Almond Toffee, was made famous for being included in the 2015 American and Latin Grammy Awards gift bags. We also have assorted chocolates that can be displayed on your counter with very little space. 
We also offer frozen Brownies made with Brooke's Fudgy Brownie Mix, coming in 3 flavors: Dark Chocolate Truffle (dairy free), Peanut Butter Truffle and Sea Salt Caramel.


Contact us for more information on carrying Brookes products in your store.

Corporate Office (765) 665-3646

241 Maple Street

Dana, IN 47847